Indian Roadmaster

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We have had many requests for pictures of the new Indian Roadmaster with our matching Bomber Tan Leather. So far, no pictures of the seat on a motorcycle yet, but here are a couple of photos of a seat we are about to ship out.

Before and After

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On Friday we had a Honda F6B in our shop getting a Dual seat done. Figured we would take some before and after photos.

Family Photo

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Thankyou Ron! This is a great picture of your “Family” of motorcycles, all fitted with custom built Day-Long seats. Thank you very much for your continued business with us.

Beautiful Scenery

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Here at Russell Cycle Products, we enjoy seeing pictures of our customers motorcycles in exotic and beautiful locations. If you have any you would like to send us and have posted on our website, we would love to see them! Send them to [email protected] with a short blurb about where …