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I just completed an 1838 mile trip from Maine to Georgia using my new Day-Long seat. Several 300+ mile days were covered and my old sore and aching butt is no longer an issue, AT ALL. My knees are also no issue as the height is perfect.

This has opened up completely new possibilities for my riding. I cannot thank you enough!

Van Thurston

I want to thank you and the Russell Cycle team for the best modification I have made to my motorcycle, bar none.

I have just returned from a 1,500 mile road trip on my Honda CTX700, and the comfort of the seat was nothing short of phenomenal. Absolutely NO pain or discomfort. With the stock seat, I could barely tolerate 100 miles in the saddle without a break.

Rest assured that I am singing the praises of my Day-Long Sport Seat on the CTX700 owners internet forum.

Your happy and grateful customer, Christine

Just wanted to send a note to say how much I’m enjoying the seat you made for my Ultra Classic.

I just finished a 2400 mile riding trip through the ozarks and the smokies and the seat felt great! Best $$$ I’ve ever spent.

Thanks again! Tom Ewing

It’s the beginning of the motorcycle season in northern IL and I’ve racked up more miles in April than ever before in my 30 year tenure of riding. This past weekend, headed over to the Mississippi River and rode up to Winona, MN and back in one day, 523 miles, no discomfort, little fatigue. And that’s all back roads riding, no interstates!

I’ve already sent my compliments your way several times, but couldn’t help share this with you, 523! I couldn’t do that kind of mileage on any bike when I was young. Now, thanks to my RDL, I’m riding longer and more comfortably than I ever have. BMW K1600GTL doesn’t hurt the cause, but their stock seat made the bike feel like a torture rack.

Thanks again!! Tom

I would like to thank your team for the leather seat you made recently for my MotoGuzzi V7.

I wouldn’t have believed how comfortable and supportive the seat is from the start, even without a run-in period!

Apart from the comfort, the build quality and finish of the seat is a credit to your company and I cannot thank you enough for the freedom this will add to my biking adventures.

This is a “first class” superb product.

Best Regards, David

My wife and I just finished a 1000 mile run over 5 days. I can still walk and sit!! My butt used to hurt for a week after riding for just a couple of hours and with an air hawk.

I look forward to many more trips now. Thanks you guys

I just wanted to write to let you know how much my wife and I love our new seat.

After riding well over a thousand miles it is the most comfortable seat I have ever owned. Iíve had Mustang, Corbin and BMS seats before and there is no comparison.

My wife is amazed at how comfortable it is.

I also want to thank all of the staff at Russell for your friendliness and professionalism during my visit to your shop. Everyone I encountered couldnít have been more helpful or knowledgeable about the seat or things to do around town while the work was being to modify my seat. You have a new lifelong customer!


I just wanted to let you know that my new saddle is such a complete improvement over the old one. I rode 4 hours back to San Jose, and never gave a thought to being uncomfortable. Wow!

Before, after 45 mins to an hour, I started squirming around to get comfortable. If it is that good on the first 250 miles, I can’t wait for the “break-in period and then 500-600 mile days in the saddle!!

Kim, you were great in the office handling my idle chatter throughout the day. Thank you for your patience. Mocha was also helping to make the time pass.

Mike, your talent as a craftsman and years of experience are very apparent. You nailed it the first time. Of course, I will continue to monitor the break-in, but if last night’s ride home was any indication of future comfort I’ve got many more miles with smiles!

It’s not often that the “owner’s” son has this type of dedication and pride. You can count on me singing your praises to fellow GWRRA members nation wide.

Give my best to all your staff for a job well done, and a level of customer service that is missing from businesses today.

Rocky Fagundes, Asst. Chapter Director CA-2S, Chapter Educator, MSF RiderCoach

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your staff for the great service and awesome new seat.

We left your place on Friday afternoon for Walnut Creek. It was a 200 mile ride and the seat felt great.

The following morning was 350 miles to Camarillo and again a very comfortable ride. Sunday was 175 miles back to Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs). I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of work that Chris demonstrated building my seat.

You, Chris and Mike were all so nice and accommodating. I’ll certainly recommend your organization to anyone looking for superior service and a great product. Thanks again!

A recent blog from Gerald Massey
Russell Day-Long Custom Saddle for a Yamaha Super Tenere
Thx for the GREAT seat. Just did back to back 500 mile days and again your seats are the best. I was cruising through Death Valley on my bmw rt with 400 miles behind me with 100 to go and was thinking how nice the seat was and how comfort it was. Thank you and you Saddle makers for a job well done

Marianne and I stopped in last April with our ’05 FJR and you converted my Sargent seat into an incredibly comfortable new Russell.

In Aug, I left on a ride and returned to Portland in Nov, after 72 days and 17,727 miles, hitting Hyder, AK, Peggy’s Cove, NS, Key West, FL and San Diego, CA and a ton of great places in between. A true 4 corner ride. And had ZERO butt discomfort, in fact, not one thought about the seat. Distances varied from 150 miles to 600 miles per day and I cannot be happier with the seat.


Hi, I just installed my new Day Long heated seat and backrests. Great workmanship and fit for me and on the bike. I love look of the small diamond pattern in black vinyl. Seat moved me back about 2 inches and up one.

Leg position feels much roomier and I can stretch with my knees/legs straight to the highway pegs. I’m 6’4″ 235 with a 36″ inseam. Seat lets me stretch out nicely with better hip and knee angles, extended horn gets me off the tank. Factory rider backrest works well after moving underseat bracket all the way. Rear back rest looks awesome. Can’t wait for spring.

Thanks a lot, Dan Cohen from RI
We have just completed 3,185 miles (5,126 km) from Melbourne to Hervey Bay Queensland, and this seat is fantastic for my wife and I on our Victory Cross Country Tour. We could ride Fuel to Fuel with no aches or pains what so ever. If you in Australia donít muck around get your seat over to Russell, you wont regret it, and your Butt will love it.Regards, Kevin Finnigan - VICTORIA AUSTRALIA


In December of last year I sent my front and back seats for your team to perform their magic. And magic it was!

I just wanted to send along this email to say thank you as this last season was one of true enjoyment.

As this beautiful seat is an attention getter, I find it very easy to “turn on” other riders to your fine product as well as your attention in providing personal and attentive quality service.

Although a bit early I wish you continued success in 2015.


I could not be more impressed with my new Russell Day Long seat, or the customer service I received when I visited their Shasta Lake workshop for my ride-in seat build. I had read countless reviews from other motorcyclists that said the Russell seat as good as eliminates seat discomfort entirely. I didn’t really believe this could be true, and was really just hoping to extend my comfortable riding range by 100 miles or so. Well, let me tell you, these seats are miraculous… Everything people say about them is true! On my stock seat I started feeling uncomfortable after about 150 miles, but with the Russell seat I did Vegas to Denver (750 miles) in one day on the last day of my trip and honestly, no butt ache at all! Let me say that again – 750 miles, no discomfort! Considering the difference this has made to my long distance riding, it would have been a bargain at twice the price.

In addition to the seat comfort, I actually think it looks great on the bike. I was a little worried before my appointment from looking at some of the other pictures on their site that it would look too big and ruin the looks of my bike (Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom), but Iím pleased to say I was wrong about that. Other than the wings they put on their seats, it is pretty much the same profile as my stock seat. They even retained the strap and logo for me from my stock seat, which was a nice touch that I appreciated. You can also tell that the seat is made from top quality materials and the stitching is very nicely done. I think some of the seats that look enormous on their website are probably for bikes where the stock seat was enormous too! So my experience is that you donít have to sacrifice ëlooksí for comfort with their seats.

Finally, all the people I met there were friendly, professional and helpful. Their reception area is comfortable with free wi-fi and about a million motorbike magazines to read, and Kim gave me a good recommendation for a nice local restaurant for lunch. I was also given a tour of the workshop so I could see the care and skill that goes into building these seats. My experience from start to finish with these guys was superb, and from now on getting a Russell seat will be the first thing I do every time I get a new bike.

Cheers, Matt


Back in early 2010 you built a seat to my specifications for my 2007 Harley Ultra Glide. At the time I told you I was a chronic pain patient dealing with spinal stenosis. I have enjoyed my Russell Seat. It is the only reason I am able to continue to enjoy riding my bike.

I had NO IDEA how important the seat was until these past two months. Something in my back shifted, and I have had pain shooting down through the backs of my legs into my calves. Pain medication of ANY kind does not take the pain away. Needless to say, when one is in pain 24/7, it doesn’t take terribly long until one begins to question “is this really worth it?”

For whatever reason, I decided to sit on my bike, and try to think about the fun times riding. When I got settled in the seat, MY PAIN WAS GONE! I know this sounds like some two bit match book cover story, but I am telling you, the ONLY place I have found on planet Earth where I am NOT in pain, is when I sit in YOUR seat.

I know I wrote you & thanked you when you built my seat & it worked so well back in 2010. But this time the seat has been so very instrumental in giving me a haven where I can get some respite from my pain, I HAD to write and again thank you for all you do. You folks are truly miracle workers.

Appreciatively, Doug DeShong

Yesterday my seat came in and after looking it over I was well pleased with the fit & finish of your work.

It fit my bike with no problems. This afternoon I took my bike out for a 2 hour ride and what a remarkable difference you have made rebuilding the old seat. There is no comparison in the before & after comfort! I rode for about two hours whereas before after about 30 minutes of riding on the old seat I was so uncomfortable riding was no fun at all! Now I can cruise for hours and not be completely exhausted. This is the second seat you have done for me and it’s great. It’s a relief to find someone who still puts quality in their products.

Thanks again for a job well done!

Just wanted to say thanks again to Mike, Kim, and the rest of the gang at Russell. My 650mil ride home was AWSOME!! Blowing up the Victory forum, and Facebook! Hope to bring more bizz! Best seat builder in the country!!Thanks again, Tom

I finally got a chance to test my new saddle this weekend with a day long ride of 360 miles of back road riding with the RDL effortlessly living up to its name. All I can say is “WOW!”

Based on all of the research I’ve done and the testimonials I’ve read, I wasn’t taken by surprise but still tremendously encouraged with the level of comfort and what the seat does not do – NO aching hips, NO tight hamstrings, NO tired quads, NO knee pain, NO fidgeting, NO more wishing the ride was over 100 miles out. After riding for 29 years, even though I’m in the shape of my life, I thought that my motorcycle riding days had reached their sunset. After a frustrating process of ing and selling bikes in the search for the “right bike,” I took a tip from a dealer and began checking out the high quality aftermarket seat builders and convinced that RDL was the best, bought a $27K bike and sent the stock pan in.

Many thanks to my builder and the entire staff at RDL for a job well done.


The best thing a rider can say about a motorcycle saddle isn’t that he or she thinks it is comfortable; the best thing a rider can say about a motorcycle saddle is that he or she never thinks about it at all!

Last winter (2014) I had you redo two 1983 BMW R-65 saddles, one for my bike and one for my wife, Susan’s. My first longer ride with my new Russell saddle was from Fargo, ND to Money Creek, MN, for the Hiawatha Rally in late May–a distance just shy of 400 miles. It was at my first stop in Wadena, MN, some 150 miles from home, while filling my gas tank, that I realized I hadn’t thought about my butt in more than two hours of riding. I also had not stood up on the pegs, used my highway pegs, or done any of the other weight-shifting activities that had become a regular part of my riding.

Well, thousands of miles of riding comfort have confirmed that first ride. And my wife is just as pleased with hers!

Thanks! Rand