Steps To Place Your Order

To order your Custom made Day-Long Saddle, follow the steps below to reserve your production date.  We will email or call you to go over any additional details needed along with the shipping information, etc. We look forward to creating your custom made Day-Long Saddle!

  • Step 1 - Reference Chart

    Look for the name of the type of bike you have and then in the corresponding chart find the model of your bike. You’ll see options available for Dual and Driver Backrest. Then take note of the Price Code # for your particular bike model.
    Step 1 - Day-Long Motorcycle Reference Chart

  • Step 2 - Prices

    Here you will find charts for the Day-Long Touring Saddle (not including the seat pan) and for After Market Backrests. Use your Price Code # to check what your price will be for Solo or Dual seats, depending on the material you choose. Be sure to scroll down to see additional products and service prices.
    Step 2 - Day-Long Touring Saddles Price List

  • Step 3 - Color Chart

    On the Color Chart page you’ll view the different material options we use in making your custom motorcycle seat. There are leather color options available, Vinyl colors and the new Sunbrella Acrylic canvas, which is a breathable, durable canvas product available in a multitude of colors.
    Step 3 - Motorcycle Seat Color Chart

  • Step 4 - Options

    Here you’ll read descriptions about some additional options that are available to compliment your new bike seat. These include getting a Driver’s seat Back-rest, heated seats for solo or dual, various quilting patterns and even a rain cover. In addition, Day-Long offers a one day ride-in service which is by appointment.
    Step 4 - Day-Long Saddles Optional Features

  • Step 5 - Embroidery Designs

    Your custom made touring motorcycle seat or sport seat can also be embroidered for a unique stand-out look. We have a few sample designs on our Embroidery page just above the gallery. Look through our gallery for the design you like, style number and price. If you prefer your own wording and font style, call us to make arrangements.
    Step 5 - Embroidery Designs Samples & Gallery

  • Step 6 - Tips

    To read about what additional information we’ll need for your order. It’s very important for us to have pictures as described on this page. Other tips are listed including Heavy Duty Suspension, which is required for drivers weighing over 230 lbs.
    Step 6 - Ordering Tips & Information

  • Step 7 - Order Form

    Here you’ll put in all the information from the other pages; your height , weight, inseam, price code, choice of material, additional suspension, back-rest, heating system, rain covers, etc. and also upload pictures of yourself seated on your bike in riding position. Once we receive the order, we’ll call you for your credit card information. You will need to mail us your seat pan so we can get started on your custom bike seat.
    Step 7 - Fill Out Your Online Order Form