Day-Long vs Sport Seat

Russell Cycle builds off of the OEM stock seat the customer supplies us with. We DO NOT have any seat pans in stock.

Day-Long Saddle

The Day-Long Touring Saddle is a motorcycle seating system specifically designed for driver and passenger comfort, incorporating our patented Support Suspension System. Each motorcycle seat, or Saddle, is individually made to be the perfect seat between person and machine, according to your personal physical requirements.

Your Day-Long Touring Saddle is built especially to fit your particular driver/passenger combination. We use your height, weight and inseam measurements along with photos of you and your passenger seated on your old motorcycle seat. With this information we can determine the proper size and shape of your motorcycle seat, and position it forward, rearward, or higher as needed to accommodate your size, build and posture for maximum comfort. Adding our support suspension system to your seat does affect your reach to the ground and you normally lose 1 1/2 to 2″ of ground reach.

Sport Seat

The Day-Long Sport Seat is designed for the more aggressive, vertically challenged, and style concerned rider. The Sport Seat allows you to move side to side by minimizing the defined pocket of the seat so you can feel a pocket while cruising, but drag your knee while cornering. It keeps the rider very close to the same height as the stock seat after the break-in period. The Sport Saddle has minimized wings that are not as defined as the suspension Day-Long.

The comfort of the Sport Saddle can range due to rider’s needs. Generally the more buttock that is supported the less pounds per square inch of pressure there is. Therefore we take into consideration information provided on the order form, along with required pictures to make the most comfortable and efficient seat for your build, riding tendencies, and style. We can keep you at a stock height while achieving a good comfort range. The initial build may raise you approximately 1/2 in. After a proper break-in (usually 500 + miles) the saddle should settle you in at stock height.

The warranty on the Sport Saddle is: After you put 1000 miles on the seat for break-in purposes, and find discomfort. You are allowed two adjustments. You must pay shipping to our facilities, RCP will pay for return shipping cost. There is no Buy-Back Warranty on the Sport Saddle. Please refer to “Adjustments” in our warranty section for further information. Your builder may require some pictures before return shipping.

The Day-Long Sport Saddle just may be just what you’re looking for to put you in a streamlined, stylish, comfort zone!